Hello there!

You’ve stumprofile-picbled onto the digital property of one Emiliya (simplified spelling Emilia) from Bulgaria. Trespassing is encouraged as long as intentions are honorable 🙂

I really find it hard to write about myself, most likely because I’m quite a boring person. Maybe visitors to this site will get to know me through my posts, but even if they don’t, that’s fine. As long as they enjoy their stay and find something interesting here, I’ll consider my digital venture a success.

How did this website come to be? I turned 50 in November 2016 and decided it was time to shake things up. So what did I do? Left my job, of course, and kept declaring before whoever would listen that the time had come for putting the life-work balance theory into practice. Truth be told, I have no idea how to do that. Maybe being a freelance writer will help me achieve it.

And there you have it, the reason for this website. Every article with tips for freelancers keeps going on about how important it is to have your own blog. Still, I highly doubt this one will further my career. Yes, I can use the material posted here to showcase my writing abilities. But you know what? I couldn’t care less about Google page rankings and SEO. I don’t intend to dumb down my writing so that people with no patience and a limited vocabulary can get through a post. I tend to write long sentences and I have absolutely no problem with the passive voice, plus I know and use a lot of polysyllabic words. On top of that, I find the Oxford comma annoying (though I’ll admit it’s best to have it in certain cases) and firmly believe in the sequence of tenses. I won’t be constantly bolding portions of my texts or compiling bulleted lists. I’m fine with people doing these things, don’t get me wrong, and I do them when a job requires it. But this is my world and I make the writing rules here. All I can do is hope that you still enjoy the content you choose to read.

Now, I’m almost certain you’ve asked yourself why the heck this site is called The Second Half. No big mystery here, I assure you. I created it when I turned 50, remember? Since I plan to live to a 100, this will chart my journey through the second half of my life. Simple, right?

I suppose I should include some personal information here. I have a grown-up son and three cats. Yes, you’d be right to suspect I’m a crazy cat lady. But I’d say I’m getting there, not yet a full-blown case of the cat crazies. The weird thing is that I went through most of my life firmly convinced I’m a dog person. Apparently not.

And here comes the really boring part where I tell you about my interests. I kid you not – they are the definition of banal. I love lazing in bed with a book (more like with my tablet and the e-book collection on it). Equally pleasant is lying in bed watching films and TV shows. All in all, lots of lying around would be taking place if I didn’t have to make a living. I believe I’m quite a good cook although I can’t honestly say I enjoy cooking. But in the past few years, I’ve started experimenting a bit. Nothing out there, just things I’ve never considered cooking before.

And that’s about it, dear visitors. I warned you it was boring, didn’t I? I can only hope that the reading material you find here will prove otherwise. Thank you for stopping by!