Oh, I’ve got a visitor! This is so exciting! Thanks for making a stop here and I hope you enjoy what you read.

It’s still a nascent blog and has very little to offer at this point. Actually, it will never be bursting at the seams with content. I don’t write just for writing’s sake. Well, I write articles for a living and you don’t get to choose when and what there. But I can choose here. When I produce something for this blog, it will be because I felt inspired for some reason, be it good or bad. ┬áIn other words, I aim for quality over quantity.

So go ahead and give me a try. And, please, do leave comments for posts you like. I know people are leery of sharing their e-mail addresses but here’s what I promise you: I don’t intend to turn this blog into a money generator (I don’t even know how!) and you won’t be getting offers for this and that, calls to subscribe to newsletters or any of the other things revenue-chasing bloggers do with people’s e-mails. The only reason I’ve kept this setting for the comments is because I want to know who I’m addressing when I reply. And it would be so sad to have a string of comments all from “Anonymous”. So, please, don’t worry, I won’t be descending on your inbox. The only e-mails you’ll get are alerts that I’ve replied to your comment and then only if your settings permit it.

So once again, thanks for sharing some of your time with me and I hope you don’t find it a waste!